Riding a Motorcycle Safely in Wet Weather

Published: 03rd September 2010
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A recent poll by a leading UK motorbike insurance company showed that a staggering 1 in 5 motorcycle riders has had an accident while biking in the rain. That's 20%! The study polled 1,200 motorcycle riders to determine the wet weather accident rate.

Riding a motorcycle in wet weather is dangerous. But, there are safety precautions a rider can take if they are caught in a downpour or other wet conditions.

The motorcycle insurance company offered a number of recommendations for riding safely in the wet. The key to riding in wet weather is to ride very smoothly. There are numerous safety hazards when the roads are wet, including painted lines and manhole covers. These objects are slippery and can easily cause an accident. It is also important to wear waterproof motorcycle gear and the proper safety equipment.

When operating a motorcycle the rider should always be alert. Riding speeds should be decreased as braking distance increases in wet conditions. Since the roads are slippery the motorbike will slide if the rider brakes too hard. When braking the rider should always use both brakes together to avoid locking the front wheel.

Since the roads are wet and slippery the rider should minimize turning, swerving, and shifting as much as possible. Approach standing water with caution and proceed through the puddles slowly. The best motorcycles for beginners are fairly low in power, minimizing the possibility of losing traction, while higher-performance models such as "liter bikes" with 100+ hp can easily "spin out" in the wet.

If a rider chooses to ride in wet weather following proper safety precautions can certainly prevent accidents. If you commute to work on your bike, you might want to think about getting ride or driving your car if the rain is heavy.

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